Image Gallery 02
Uniforms for ATIS

Female Uniform 1970

Male Uniform 1970

Female Uniform 1967
Close up shots of a (Mini) Atommobile*
Patent for Omnimover System and Concept Art*
Two tickets that were issued for ATIS*
Construction images
Opening Speech June 29, 1967
Various graphics used for pamphlets*
Various warning stickers that were in and on the back of the atommobiles*

This is a pin
Graphics from Miracles from Molecules Records and album*
Miniature model of ATIS Lobby created before actual construction of the attraction and Walt himself*
Inside attraction shots of projected snowflakes and large snowflake models*
Post Show "Exit Display Area" and outside "Monsanto logo" when Monsanto sponsored the Attraction*
Entrance sign and various lobby images*

I have been informed that this mural was viewed from the now defunct Peoplemover when you passed by the ATIS window.
Omnimover Patent

*Thanks to Louis Gonzalez for the many of the new images in gallery 02 and text content added to the 12-18-02 update of

Thanks to Tim Hawkins for these seven fine pics. These are images of various attractions that onced was housed in the ATIS building. The 20,000 Leages Under the Sea was a walking tour of movie props from the film. This was the first attaction in the ATIS building to open at Disneyland back in 1955. The other images show other attractions from Monsanto. House of Chemistry and the giant telescope Kaiser Aluminum Telescope (a new metal at the time). Isn't it ironic that a giant telescope was later transformed into the Mighty Microscope in ATIS!?! Weird. See ATIS History or ATIS Report for more information.

Image donated by
Steve Hendrickson

Image donated by
Jeff Babb

Image donated by
Matt Trujillo

Image donated by
Matt Trujillo

Image donated by
Matt Trujillo

Image donated by

The boy in the image
is Bob's Uncle taken from 1970 on the now defunct and also missed peoplemover

A shot of the old 1970 nucleus with flash photography. The "newer" later installed nucleus didn't have the clear plastic coating on the outside.

Thanks to Bob Paris for sending in these cool pics.

Checking out diorama box

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